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How to Build this Venture

Land Acquisition & Labeling

Fruit Tree Plantation - (Guava, Mango, Papaya, Banana, Drum Stick, Promegranate, Orange, Sapota, Custard Apple, Lychee, Staberry, Water Melon, Dragon Fruit)

Room for Farmer after Electricity connection @ Site

Country Hen Poultry Farming, Goat Farming & Fencing the Land for the security of the Animal & Bird
Diary Farm & Cow Dung Bio Gas
Milk by Products - Ghee / Curd / Paneer / Lassy / butter / cheese / buttermilk

Organic Farming - Vegetables & Vermi Compost

Flower Plants & Nursary along with Pot for Selling

Fish Farming & design a shed for different Birds & Animals like pigeon, Parrot, Cuckoo, Mynah, Duck, swan, Turtles, Rabit etc

Resturant & Hotel

Old Age Home with Full of Life along with all Amenities like (Dinning Room, Tea Point, Juice Corner, Yoga Room, Fitness Gym, Play Ground, conference Hall with Projector & TV, Park, Small Temple, Walking Area, Gardening Area, Indoor Game Room, Reading Room, Ambulance, Mini Bus for Outing, Doctor Checkup Room etc...

Health & Medical Facility / Weekly Nurse & Doctor Visit to our Location & Near by Location. Free Medicine to all

Education for BPL Children (Boarding) - Nursary to Employment 

Plan for Small Scale Industry for the Source of Income for this Venture

Plan for the Society & Replicate this project in to verious district in Odisha