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About Us

Care Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation formally registered in December 2017 by a group of experienced professionals working in sectors like social service, the arts, environmental services, health and technology. We have united with a strong vision for the future to work towards effective and lasting changes in society that we live in. To implement our mission successfully we plan to work together with the support of an umbrella network of professionals. Care Foundation is committed to the promotion of sustainable developmental initiatives to meet the needs of under-represented and marginalised sections of the society and to benchmark them to a most sought/after set of ideals for the followers. The Foundation will provide authoritative and authentic services to society focussing on issues related to environment, the arts, health and overall development.


Care Foundation is a Non- Profit Organisation formally registered in December 2017. The organisation was founded by a group of professionals with varied expertise in technology, arts, environment and social sector who have come together with a vision to bring effective social changes in the society. Care foundation is committed to the promotion of sustainable developmental initiatives to fill the needs of under privileged and marginalised sectors in the society.

  • Vision
  • Mission

  • Enhancement of employment and livelihood opportunities through career development programs;
  • Development and sustainability of hygienic environment through optimal solution for waste management and sanitation ;
  • Providing awareness programmes in modern science, technology, Indian culture along with social issues through various IEC (Information, Education and Communication) activities.
  • Plan, design and implement the basic engineering infrastructures required to effectively roll out the Foundation’s developmental activities.

CARE is constituted with a mission to uplift the under-developed sections of the society through planning and implementation of targeted and sustainable developmental initiatives.