Our vision is the overall human growth and development of every human person. Our primary objective is to support and implement programmers for the benefit of the underprivileged. The current areas of involvement are:

1. Education of children
2. Rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged people
3. Financial support of the sick, infirm and dying
4. Empowerment of women in distress and the girl child
5. Food, clothing and shelter for the poor
6. Capacity building for staff, volunteers, students, parents and othersCare of the poor, destitute and underprivileged 

* Assistance to those in need of academic and vocational education 
* Care of the sick, infirm and dying 
* Care of alcoholics and persons of drug and substance abuse 
* Care of orphans, abandoned and street children 
* Care of persons with physical and mental disability 
* Care of the girl child 
* Care of women especially unwed mothers, widows, divorced, abused and abandoned women 
* Assistance to persons with psychological and psychiatric illness 
* Assistance to ex-convicts 
* Care of the old 
* Care for the homeless 
* Assistance to persons seeking employment 
* Care of those affected by natural & unnatural calamities 
* Focus on persons living in rural and tribal areas 
* Focus on ecology and environment 
* Care of the dead (such as funeral rites, upkeep of cemeteries) 
* To spread awareness on disability, benefits of education, sickness and health care, social evils, superstitions and prejudices and other aspects